Do you want to contribute?

You don’t have to watch helplessly if a family member or friend is ill. With our app Stamps we offer the possibility to support dear ones on their medical journey. With your donation to Stamps you facilitate three things. 

1. Technical development

The development of the app Stamps is one of our largest costs. For us it’s important that the app is user friendly, up-to-date, and safe in use. With your donation you contribute to this.

2. Reaching out

As a social enterprise we want to make an impact. We do that by reaching many people, both writers as well as their dear ones. We aspire to do so in a humble and pleasant way. When you are at the starting point of a medical journey, you most likely have no clue what the way ahead will look like. Let alone that you have thought about the way to communicate about your well-being. We invest in marketing to reach out to the right people in appropriate way. Do you want to read more about why we want this?

3. In-depth research

Our mission  is not completed when the app is available in the app store. We want to get to know our users.
We want to learn how we can improve our service. We also would like to investigate the positive effects of writing on healing in more detail. Perhaps we can share our learnings by giving writing tips?
We will share earlier research learnings soon on this website. We will share our research plan in the near future as well. Do you want to stay informed? 

Above you can get a glimpse of the impact of your donation. Do you want to know more about what you contribute to with your donation? Sign up for our newsletter and we will gladly keep you informed. 

How can I make a donation?

Direct transfer

You can transfer via the button below directly. You can choose the amount you would like to donate yourself in the link. 

Scan a QR code

Via the QR code below you can transfer money directly. Your an choose the amount you want to transfer in the link. 

Donatie Stamps

Bank transfer

You can contribute by donating a gift in the name of Stamps B.V., mentioning “Gift”. 

The number of our bank account is: 

NL22 RABO0377939692.

We'd like to keep you up to date

We are grateful for your donation and would love to keep you informed on our developments. With your name and e-mailadres, we can always keep you up to date of our most recent developments. 

What can I already do for someone?

Postcards designed by Stamps

From our passion for design and animals, we designed our own collection of postcards You can order these cards here. For at home or to deliver at your friends place. Designed and delivered with love. V


Send flowers

You can support somebody a little bit by letting them know you think about them. Choose a bouquet of flowers from the beautiful assortment van Wy Bloemisten. De bloemen worden door de lokale bloemist bezorgd.

Treat somebody to Storytel

Focussing while reading is not always easy. With Storytel you can enjoy books, by listening to them! With a trial membership, you can first have a look whether that is something for your dear one.

Stuur een kaartje van Kaartje2go

If you know someone who can use some support, please do consider to send a friendly postcard. Through our partner Kaartje2go you easily send a postcard to any place in the world. Do you want someone to know you think of him or her?? Or wish someone well? Just choose a card from our original collection.

Send a treat

Do you know somebody who can strengthen up a bit? Send a small treat! With the brownie-box a delicious treat will be delivered per post. With our favorite one, there are diverse tastes and there is some relaxing tea. You can add a personal and free postcard with it as well. A tasty surprise!


Give a book

If somebody has the energy to read a good book and relax, you can always surprise somebody with that. It is very relaxing to spend your time and relax very well. By ordering via Libris,you will also help the local entrepreneur!