We have new job openings at Stamps! Do you want to help us connect 1 million people during the intense periods of their lives? Read about why we do it at the bottom of this page and how you can join us. 

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The power of attention

Our mission

In 5 years, we will connect 1 million people going through a difficult time because of illness or loss. Sincere attention is important during such a period. A postcard on the mat, someone letting you know they are thinking of you. That card is small, and at the same time big. From that connection arises: the feeling of not being alone. The feeling of being surrounded by people who sympathize with you and care about you.

Our current impact

Since I am using Stamps, there is less illness in my life
Every week we receive inspiring emails and feedback from users.
For us, like the real hard impact numbers, they are proof that we are making a valuable difference. 

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Our core values

In this day and age, we believe transparency is a prerequisite for any organization. At least for us. We believe in the power of open communication. We are therefore transparent about our ambitions, cooperation partners, income and expenses.
Together you are stronger. That goes for the people we help with the app. And we facilitate that with the app. It also applies to the team in which we work together.
Much research has been done on the healing aspects of positive psychology. At Stamps, we encourage our users to look for the bright spots in their journey. We want to encourage them to communicate honestly and truthfully about their feelings and thoughts.
We guarantee a safe, personal environment in Stamps. Users can confidently share their experiences and emotions there. They decide who they invite to read and live with them.
Why make it more difficult than it already is? We strive for simplicity; in our communication, in using the app, in everything we do. Everyone should be able to use Stamps, no one should be left out.
Stay in the lead
We believe in the value of self-direction. By being in control of communication during illness, you keep time to spend on what's really important to you.
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Our culture

We are driven to make an impact
We appreciate each others differences in knowing and doing
We are loyal to each other and all partners with whom we work
We love the combination of thinking and doing
We are professionals who love a good balance in our lives; we know better than anyone the value of good health

Open positions

Frontend developer bij Stamps

Your contribution directly impacts people whose lives are temporarily turned upside down. For example, because they have just been told that they have cancer and have to go through an intensive process, or because they have lost a loved one.

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Stageplaats allround webdeveloper

An internship at Stamps is not just any internship. Your contribution directly impacts people whose lives are temporarily turned upside down. For example, because they have just been told that they have cancer

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