Thé app when life gets upside down

Are you going through a period of illness or loss? Write, share with loved ones and give it a place.
Experience the connection. 

Stamps app

Stay in control

Write off what you are experiencing all at once, as often as you like

Share with loved ones

Invite personal loved ones to read along


Easily read back how it was, in the app and in the remembrance book


Read and sympathise easily

Loved ones can sympathise and support at their own time

How are you doing?

You don't always have time, energy or feel like telling the same story over and over again. Or respond to all those well-intentioned apps. You also want to talk about other, everyday events sometimes. And to know how the other person is doing. In Stamps, you share your story all at once.

Stamps app
Stamps app

Preserve memories

In all the hectic activity and excitement, you might also quickly forget what it was like. Through the Stamps interface and with the remembrance book afterwards, you can easily read back how you experienced previous treatments and moments. And read back how your friends reacted.

Stay connected

Connecting with friends and family and their support is essential when you are going through emotional times. Through Stamps, they can easily stay informed without having to ask. They can easily leave a comment, in public or privately, or send a card to a personal message board.

Stamps app
Stamps app

Show you sympathise

For our team, a stamp symbolises the support we want the app to bring about. Discover the many support options Stamps offers. From emoticons to cards or a bowl of soup.

Writing for someone else

Don’t feel like or no energy to write how things are going? Give a loved one the rights to write on your behalf. Or keep an account as a family. And to clear up a misunderstanding, you don't need to have writing experience to share a story in Stamps.

Stamps app

Users about the Stamps app

For whom is Stamps?

Are you experiencing a life-changing event, for example due to illness or loss? Then Stamps is ideal for you. Stamps is very easy to use. We know from research that Stamps in used by people with ALS, cancer, IVF, lung covid, weight loss, by parents who have lost their babies, as well as in pregnancies and mental diseases like burn-out or trauma.