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With your contribution, we can further improve the app to meet the needs of our users even better. And thus connect even more. Right when it is most needed.

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Would you like to donate a different amount? You can do that here.

Why we do what we do

Other ways to contribute

Support a loved one

Discover the Stamps collection including original cards, flowers, beautiful books and also letterbox soup.

Start an action

Taking action together for a loved one connects. For example, you can organise a running event or get sponsored if you participate.


Did you experience what Stamps meant in the last months of someone's life? Please consider a donation from estate.

Support a loved one: Discover the Stamps collection

kaartje via Stamps

Send a postcard

Out of passion, volunteers (and Tess herself) designed their own collection of matching cards. You order them here.

Bloemen stamps

Surprise with flowers

A bunch of flowers brightens up. Let it be known that you are thinking of someone and choose here a lovely bouquet

Soep voor jou Stamps

Comfort soup in the mailbox

Send a delicious cup of soup by post. Easily ordered and (heart)warming. Click here for our offer.

Stamps boek cadeau

Forgetting time with a book

Dream away with a good book and forget about time for a while? Spoil your friend with such a relaxing experience.

Sponsorloop DKC Wageningen levert €1150 op

Start an action

You'd like to help that sick friend or acquaintance, but don't know how. Super cool if you want to start an action. With the proceeds, you can do something valuable for your friend and Stamps. Taking action together with friends connects. And that is what we also do with Stamps, connect! We have good experience with the platform


Did Stamps play a small or large role in the last few months of someone dear to you? With any gift, big or small, you can show your appreciation. When distributing an estate, consider donating an amount to Stamps. We welcome it and use it to fulfil the mission of our social impact enterprise. Check underneath how to leave a legacy.

Would you like to leave a book, full of memories of your last period? You can do that via a personal memorybook.You can alert your loved ones to this in good time and Stamps will receive a contribution for this.

herinneringsboek stamps

Larger donations or legacy

Would you like to donate a different amount? You can do so using the form on the right or by bank transfer. 

You can contribute by transferring a donation in the name of Stamps B.V. with the reference "Gift". Our bank account number is: NL22 RABO0377939692.

With your contribution, we help many more people get connected, just when they need it. Thank you!

Frequently asked questions

With your donation, we can make improvements and innovations to the (web) app. And thus meet users' needs even better.

A social enterprise wants to make an impact. Making money is secondary and a means to making impact.

You can reach us at We always aim to respond within one working day. We look forward to hearing from you!