How does the Stamps-app work?

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Share your health journey with the Stamps App. Within three minutes, you can start sharing your story. Of course, you can also share the story for a loved one, your partner, or a family member.

  1. Download the Stamps app
  2. Choose 'Share a journey'
  3. Create a journey and tell a bit more about what you are going through
  4. Write your first update
  5. Send your unique code to the people you want to inform
  6. Accept their following requests
  7. Now everybody is quickly up to date. Well done!

The Stamps app for writers

The Stamps app is there for everyone who wants to share a story in a safe environment. But also, for loved ones who currently manage the communication around their partner and want to share that story. For example as a close relative, partner, parent. It is for patients in a medical journey, but also for people going through other emotional journeys

  • Diary: Discover the value of reading back
  • Writing tips: Get advice on how to write down your story
  • Save energy: With just one update, everybody is informed
Curious about how an account on Stamps looks like? Enter the code 'DEMO1' to take a sneak peek!
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The Stamps app for loved ones

If you've received a code from a sharer in the Stamps App, your colleague, friend, family member, or another loved one would like to keep you updated on their health journey. Let them know you're there for them and follow these steps:

  1. Download the Stamps app
  2. Choose: 'Follow a journey'
  3. Enter the unique code you received. Or skip that for now.
  4. Create an account with your name, email and a password. A photo is optional
  5. The following request is automatically accepted after your account is completed, if you entered the code before. For now, a bit of patience! You will receive a push notification when the request is accepted.
  6. You can now read along and show your support

Responding to updates

Within the safe environment of the app, you can now read messages from your loved one. This can be done at your convenience. It's not always easy to write back, so you can also send a response with a heart or other emoticon. And if you'd like to give something? There are options for that too. You can for example send:

  • A real postcard, designed by Stamps
  • A beautiful bouquet of flowers
  • Audio stories, with a trial subscription from Storytel
  • A brownie box full of treats, a card, and delicious tea
  • A lovely soup, that fits through the mailbox

Download the app here