Keep fond memories

Keep everything you shared, the warm reactions and the lovely cards you received. Very simply create a beautiful memory book.

Easy to make

We can imagine that your energy level will not be back to normal right away. That's why we take a lot of work off your hands and you can preserve precious memories in a beautiful book at almost the touch of a button.

Valuable for you and your loved ones

A memory book helps to bring closure and process a period. For a partner or children, it can be beneficial to read what someone was going through. To feel how friends and family reacted and helped. Valuable for now or later.

All updates, photos, comments from loved ones and your personal pinboard

Fortunately, you also quickly forget what such a difficult period was really like. Looking back at photos and reading back texts, bring back many memories. Looking back, you can marvel at how you got through such a time. The loving cards and words that were sent are heartwarming even years later.

herinneringsboek stamps

Sustainable books

A Stamps memory book is made from recycled paper (160 gsm)

herinneringsboek stamps

A5 format

It really reads like a book and the written stories come out beautifully

herinneringsboek Stamps

Local printers

This is how we prevent books from being shipped around the world

Transparent about the price

Stamps offers the app for free. Because we believe that everyone, regardless of income, should have the opportunity to get through a difficult period together with loved ones. No one should be alone. That fits with our mission as a social impact company.

The sale of memory books is an important source of income. This allows us to keep innovating and the app up to date.

Soft cover Hard cover
1 piece
2-5 pieces
1 piece
2-5 pieces
25 pages
€ 37
€ 30
€ 39
€ 31,50
50-100 pages
€42 - €53
€ 34 - € 43
€ 44 - € 55
€ 37 - € 44
101-200 pages
€ 53 - € 75
€ 43 - € 60
€ 55 - € 77
€ 44 - € 62
101-200 pages
€ 75 - € 97
€ 60 - € 78
€ 77 - € 99
€ 62 - € 80

* Listed prices are unit prices. 

* * For 2-5 books you get 20% discount compared to 1 book, for 5+ books it is 30%. 

Want to order more than 1 book? Then send an email to We will send you a customized discount code to use the discount for larger quantities.

* including VAT, excluding shipping costs (from €4.50 depending on the number of books and the size of the book)

Frequently asked questions

You can currently create the book only via, Stamps' web app. Log in with the same email address and password you use with the Stamps app. Go to the menu and choose “Create Book of Memories. You cannot create the book through the app until now.

All books must have a minimum of 24 pages and a maximum of 300 pages. Does your book contain more pages? In that case, it's best to make other choices. For example, drop the title pages, the comments or the bulletin board cards. Having trouble figuring it out? Mail us at and we will help you as soon as possible.

You can choose from two styles for the book. These styles are listed with examples in the process when you create the book. In addition, you choose whether to add photos, comments and cards from your pinboard.

If you want to edit original text or correct errors, you must go back to the source. Make the correction in the original post in Stamps. When you save your changes, followers will not receive notifications of them. You cannot make corrections later in the pdf.

We outsource the production of commemorative books. Do you have questions about the quality of the printing? Send your question to the e-mail address in which the delivery was confirmed.

Your memory book will be compiled in 3 to 5 working days. You will receive an email when it is sent. Everything will be delivered to 1 address.

Want to order many more books or a book with more than 300 pages? Email us at and we will make you a suitable offer. en we maken een passende offerte.

Currently, there is only 1 way to do this. Create a new post in Stamps. You can also save this as a draft post, if you don't want your followers to see it.

Take a picture of the document you want to add. Or copy the text to the typing area. Do you have ideas or suggestions for how we can enrich the book? We would love to hear them! Mail us at

For the discount code for multiple books, please email us at Let us know in your mail how many books you would like to order. We will send you a personal code as soon as possible.

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